Harry Lake Lodge

Don’t let this catch get away!

Harry Lake Lodge is arguably the ultimate fly-in fishing lodge. It’s brand new, established in 2016, by Al Hedstrom and Mary Carl, both of whom are avid fishers and seasoned outdoors people. They both have a history of fishing, canoeing, hiking and x-country skiing in the wilds of Northern Ontario.

Since Harry Lake Lodge was not operating as a commercial fishing lodge, we knew that this was an opportunity to provide a niche to serve those anglers who were looking for more than the basics. We used a set of principles to guide our business plan development.

Guiding Principles

Great fishing and good food in a luxurious setting:

Our goal is to provide anglers with great fishing opportunities on a beautiful secluded lake, while staying in clean, modern accommodations, and dining on fresh, creative food. We pride ourselves in being a full-service, modern-day alternative to the old-fashioned fish camp. Our target guests are those anglers who want the exhilaration of fishing in a remote unspoiled lake, but don’t want the hassle of fending for themselves, or the inconvenience of staying in a rough fish camp.

Clean and Pristine:

We are committed to keeping Harry Lake clean and pristine to ensure that not only our guests have unspoiled wilderness, but so that those who come after us can also enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Fish conservation:

Having an abundance and variety of fish is critical to maintaining a viable fishing business; therefore, our guests will be encouraged to use conservation licenses.

Catch and Release:

To ensure that our guests have an opportunity to catch
the big one, we will actively encourage catch-and- release, and will allow no trophy fish or breeding stock to be taken.

Rules and Regulations:

Guests are required to follow Ontario’s fishing rules and regulations. We will ensure that anglers are aware of the laws and requirements governing fishing in Ontario.