Don’t let this catch get away!

Q. Do I need a license?

Yes, please purchase your fishing license and outdoors card ahead of time.

You can do this online at

Q. What should I bring with me?

A. Please see What to bring check list

There is a weight restriction on the aircraft of 75 pounds per passenger.

Remember, conditions can change rapidly in the far north, days can be very warm while evenings and mornings very cool.

We supply life vests, but you are welcome to bring your favorite life vest along.

Favorite fishing gear – rods and tackle. We have nets, stringers, and bait buckets. At your request, we can supply high quality rods and reels as well as tackle for Walleyes and Northerns. Just let us know.

Your C-Pap. We have a 24-hour generator, as well as batteries and inverters.

Q. Do you cater to couples?

A. Yes. We furnished the guest rooms so that they can be easily converted from twin rooms to ones which will accommodate couples with the luxury of king-size beds.

Q. We’re a group of women, would Harry Lake Lodge be a good choice for us?

A. We cater to groups from all walks of life. Mary is an avid fisher and would love to see more women out on the water enjoying the sport. We are sure that women will enjoy our modern amenities. Who wouldn’t love a relaxing sauna or hot tub after a fun-filled day on the lake? Not to mention, no more trips to the outhouse in the middle of the night!