Plan Your Trip

Don’t let this catch get away!

Before you leave:

  1. Purchase your Fishing License and Outdoors Card.

    This can be done online at

  2. or at an authorized license issuer (many sporting goods stores)

    or at a Service Ontario Centre

    You cannot purchase a fishing license at Harry Lake Lodge, so it is absolutely necessary for you to buy your license ahead of time.

  3. Pack your bag with:

    • Good quality rain gear, bug repellant, sun screen, personal hygiene items, warm clothing for cold weather and light clothing for warm days.
    • Your favorite life vest along.
    • Fishing gear. We have nets, stringers, and bait buckets. At your request, we can supply high quality rods and reels as well as tackle for Walleyes and Northerns. Just let us know.
    • Your C-Pap. We have a 24-hour generator, as well as batteries and inverters.
    • Your favorite adult beverages and sodas/pop, preferably in cans or plastic. We do not sell alcohol, but you may bring spirits for your own consumption.
    • Your favourite snacks, chips, candy etc.

If coming from the U.S. bring documentation for crossing the border:

  • a passport
  • if you are one parent and bringing your son/daughter, bring a letter from the other parent authorizing you to travel to Canada with the child.
  • if you are traveling with a minor bring a letter from the parents authorizing the travel of the child with you.

Contact the Canadian Border Services Agency with questions or clarification about Canadian border crossing.



Firearms, Mace or other weapons

Radar detection devices

Live bait (worms can be transported in artificial bedding)

Meat or plants

Sleeping bags or bedding – this is supplied

If in doubt, please contact the Canadian Border Services Agency.