Big Harry Lake is Amazing

I have only been to Big Harry three times. All by navigating a small boat with gear up the river near Graham with everything we would need for a week on Big Harry. My first experience was a camping spot on the peninsula right near Harry Lake Lodge. We caught so many walleyes in all parts of the lake that Northern Pike were thrown back! The next two times on the lake were on islands adjacent west of the Lodge. Every time on Harry was a marvelous fishing experience. Northern pike between 12 to 16-pound range were common. Walleyes were easy to catch and so good to eat. The biggest Northern caught on Harry by our party was a 44″, estimated at 27 pounds. Quite a trophy on the wall!  Anyone wishing to catch a lot of fish and eat some great fresh fish should come to Harry Lake Lodge. I am too old to portage the trip, but Harry Lake Lodge is on my bucket list!  The lake is so much fun.

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