The fish

All the fish in Harry Lake Lodge are super fat. The feed source in the lake is almost unbelievable. Harry Lake Lodge teams with bait fish. Shiner minnows, log perch and yellow perch, as well as Rainbow Dace minnows, inhabit the lake in huge numbers. There also is a very healthy Whitefish population, which both the Walleye and Pike utilize as a common feed source. We do catch the odd yellow perch of a decent size and will keep them as table fare. Although, Walleye and Pike are the most common fish in the lake, there are a scattering of other species.

They are BIG!

In the fall we will catch occasional rock bass, and every now and then a white sucker.

The fish in Harry Lake Lodge are BIG by any standard. Our biggest Walleye to date was caught on September 2nd of 2019 and was a whopping 36.5 inches. The largest pike landed was a 53.5 in fish caught in mid July of 2020. On many trips, people report “personal best“ catches, of both Walleye and Pike.

Walleye slot is not greater than 17.75 inches, and Pike not greater than 27.5 inches. In Harry Lake Lodge, however, a 27 inch pike can be a six pound plus fish. They are FAT!

Catch and release

We practice catch and release on ALL of our big fish!

We do keep fish for eating here at the lodge as well as for export. But the “eaters” are all at or below slot fish. We also provide both daily guiding, as well as fish cleaning and processing.