Meals and Snacks

Meals & Snacks

Local cuisine

All the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, are prepared right here, from the freshest ingredients we can find. 

Many ingredients are locally sourced, organic, and seed to table, from the farmer to the kitchen. I take great pride in food preparation and presentation. Food that not only looks good but (as all my guests tell me) will blow you out of the water. Foods are carefully crafted, and thoughtfully paired, to enhance meal enjoyment.


All the desserts are crafted right here. From fresh hand picked blueberry pies, and cakes, (morning blueberry pancakes too) apple with tart cherry pie, strawberry, chocolate silk, banana cream, pies of any type you love, to bread pudding with lime glaze, the consummate Canadian dessert, butter tarts, and a wealth of other choices. Also fresh baked cookies of all types for snack time any time of the day. 

Fresh bread

I bake fresh bread daily. 

The flour I use is planted, looked after, harvested, dried, and milled by a local young farmer. Brule Creek Farms. White, sourdough, whole wheat, rye, both light and dark, artisan breads, I use a 400 year old French fir trade bread recipe, as an example. Also muffins, biscuits, and rolls. If we do burgers, the buns are fresh from the oven.


Breakfast can be as simple as bacon, eggs and toast. We do omelettes, eggs Benedict, with Canadian bacon of course. Also French toast, Finnish pancakes, waffles, fruit pancakes, regular pancakes, Scottish oatmeal, and of course maple syrup. You name it I make it.


Lunches can also be a simple affair. From light snacks, crackers and cheese, and sausage, to homemade soup, sandwiches, burgers and fries, dogs, brats, and a shore lunch fish fry with fried potatoes, and beans. Whatever you like.


The diner is normally a nice sit-down event. 

We do beef, pork, chicken, fish, pasta, Italian, French, Mexican, TexMex, Sous Vide, and Sauté. I have at least 20 different ways to cook fish. Also, we grill, plank, flat iron, blacken, roast, stew, and pair with fabulous sauces. Fresh garden salads are a standard served with homemade dressings, like oil and vinegar, Italian, French, vinaigrettes, and my signature ranch. Always fresh bread, or biscuits, bread sticks, or rolls.

When I serve pasta, as a side to a meal or the meal itself, marinara or Alfredo, the pasta is freshly made right here. Also, pizza is a favourite, either as a lunch, dinner, or a snack. Freshly made dough, freshly grated cheese, and tons of toppings.