Hot and Windy

Thunder storms early today, turned into a windy and hot day. It got to 31c or about 82f with a steady west wind at about 10 knots. Fishing was excellent. I released a 42 inch Pike, and a bunch of … Read More

Internet at Harry Lake Lodge

Well it finally happened. After only a year and a half of waiting we are online. We have a phone, the number is 807-770-1600 and also my cell phone is working as well. That number is 239-823-9775. email is also … Read More

Harry Lake Lodge Opener

Well Harry Lake is ice free. There is a little snow in the yard here and there, and the ground will be another couple weeks to thaw. It was nearly 80 degrees F today, with a big SW wind. The … Read More

First time in

OK well Friday is the big day. I am going into Harry Lake Lodge. Helicopter is scheduled for 9:30 AM. Fuel,gas, propane , tools, food, a full day of flying. Ill post ice conditions on  Monday

Coming to Harry Lake Lodge 2018

I am just now packing up and heading out of Florida. Monday early AM I am on the road to Harry Lake Lodge. I expect to be in the bush by the 11Th to start the process of opening up … Read More